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Blushing Beauty

Blushing Beauty

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Send Blushing Beauty a Lilies Arrangement for any occasion by Garden Rose Premier Flowers.  All flowers are hand delivered and same-day delivery may be available.

This stunning arrangement of Pink Lilies, Roses, and Carnations is sure to bring joy and beauty to your home. Blushing Beauty is a perfect combination of elegance and sophistication that won't disappoint. Get it now and enjoy its beauty for many days!


5 Light Pink Roses, 3 Pink Lilies, 5 Pink Carnations, 3 White Snapdragons, 4 Pink Stock, Ruscus


7 Light Pink Roses, 4 Pink Lilies, 7 Pink Carnations, 4 White Snapdragons, 6 Pink Stock, Ruscus


12 Light Pink Roses, 6 Pink Lilies, 10 Pink Carnations, 6 White Snapdragons, 8 Pink Stock, Ruscus

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